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Acquavena Organics™ Liquid Soap is not the typical soap you find at the store. Ours is handcrafted, in small batches using fewer ingredients that break-down quickly, yet is high-performing when it comes to the task at hand, washing your skin. Using salts and organic oils, Acquavena Organics Liquid Soap effectively breaks down dirt and bacteria, yet maintains the softness of your skin.

By developing our liquid soap with natural, non-toxic ingredients, it can reduce the risk of skin irritation, minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals, such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates and helps maintain the skin's natural moisture balance, keeping it hydrated and healthy. With regular use, our liquid soap can improve the overall health of your skin, reducing inflammation and promoting a clear complexion and may provide long-term benefits, such as reducing the signs of aging and promoting skin regeneration.

Acquavena Organics supports ethical and eco-friendly practices, such as sustainable sourcing and cruelty-free production. 


  • Organic oils (sunflower, coconut and flax)
  • Botanical extracts (dandelion, green tea and burdock)