Produce & Eggs

Acquavena adheres to traditional seasonal availability for all of its produce, and that includes eggs. Egg production for our ducks, chickens and guinea fowl begin in earnest in early Spring through late Fall, roughly. All our birds are pasture raised and free-range and are supplemented with organic feed, along with insects and plants they find during their daily foraging in our three acre vineyard.

 Available Eggs for 2022 Season Price
Duck (9g protein) (available in half dozen)
Chicken (6g protein) (available in half dozen and dozen)
$4.25 (half) / $6.00
Guinea Fowl (15g protein) (available in dozen)


Produce being grown for 2022:

Type/Notes Heirloom
Italian Tomatoes  roma, cherry, san marzano
Italian Fava Beans  available
Lima Beans  Christmas Pole
Italian Peppers  Quadrato d'Asti Giallo and Rosso (yellow and red)
Thai Chili Pepper small, red - hot
Aji Rico Chili Pepper 2-3" fruit, med-med hot
Swiss Chard available
Komatsuna mustard/spinach (Japanese) available
Emily Basil  similar to Genovese available
Blue Spice Basil  super fragrant, smaller leaves available
African Nunum Basil  larger leaves
Musquée de Provence Pumpkin  for eating
Australian Jarrdale Pumpkin  for eating
Pink Banana Squash  pink/salmon flesh with mild banana flavor
Cinderella Pumpkin  for eating


Flowers being grown for 2022:

 Cherry Chocolate Sunflower
Teddy Bear Sunflower
Lemon Queen Sunflower
Red Sun Sunflower
Zinneas (assorted colors)
African Blue Disc Daisy
Shasta Daisy
Lavender (Grosso)


To order or have questions, email:

Please note: Beginning in July, we will update this page weekly with what is expected to be available for purchase for the week. You may email us directly to purchase and pick-up on-site.