Acquavena Organics Beard Conditioner

Citron Vert Beard Conditioner is excellent for twice-daily use to soften and manage your beard and skin, nourishing your skin and imparting a beautiful sheen to your beard that will radiate health.

When we started working on a product that would pay attention to the wide diversity of beard types, we discovered that there were many kinds of needs; from soft and wavey to wirey and tight curled - and everything in between. We also discovered it was not just about the whiskers, but many would say, the skin that hides beneath those long flowing facial locks. It can be tough to keep both the skin and whiskers in a good healthy state. That's why we have come up with our premier beard conditioning oil, Citron Vert. Acquavena has sourced the finest organic oils known to nuture both your facial hair and the skin beneath it - working in balance to keep your skin nourished and free from blemishes that can often arise from beards. Blending these oils in the right quantities in order to avoid leaving your beard feeling heavy and overwhelmed. We scent each bottle with African Sandlewood and Italian Lemon oils giving a bright, yet warm, scent that is not overpowering. 

We believe that this is one of the best products we have ever created. A true balance of strength and gentleness for ALL beard types.


Recommended use: We recommend starting out, after showering, with two pumps of conditioner into the palm of your hand, rubbing both hands together to warm the oil, then applying the oil in a downward fashion, then up, then taking your finger tips and massaging the applied oil though the whiskers and rubbing it into your skin. Depending on the length of your beard, you may need 5-7 pumps, but for most 2-3 should work well.